This past Friday, my choir and I traveled 256 miles over four and a half hours to Washington D.C. to perform at the White House. For the past couple of years, we have been invited to perform there for their annual Greek Independence Day celebration. This being my third time performing there, it is one of my greatest accomplishments.

I have been in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Youth Choir for eight years now and it is my favorite way to connect to my pride and joy, singing. The voice, by far, is my favorite instrument, and yes, the voice is an instrument. You can make so many styles, patterns, and sounds with the voice that you can’t with any typical man-made type of instrument. Not to mention, that the human voice can also imitate the sounds made from a man-made instrument, including electric instruments. Beat boxers are a great example of that. They make electric type sounds with their voice. How cool is that? You can’t do that with a violin or a bassoon. That’s why the voice is the best instrument.

Being in the choir for so many years, I have learned so much about my voice and how to use it. A majority of my friends are in my school’s chorus and every single one of them has come up to me at least once to ask me for my help on a song. This is definitely something that I am proud of and consider an artistic achievement because everyday, I have people coming up to me and asking me for advise on a passion we both share; to me that shows how more advanced I am then a majority of the people that I know.

Along with performing at the White House, the choir definitely has some other high class stages. This past summer, we traveled to Cyprus and performed for the Cypriot President with Michalis Hatzigiannis and Cyprien Katsaris at the ancient Kourion Theatre. I’ve mentioned this in some of my other posts a while back (be sure to check those out!). While in Cyprus, we performed Song For The Unification Of Europe by Zbigniew Preisner from the movie Three Colours Blue. There are more than one reason as to why this was so prominent for us. First off, the composer is Polish yet decided to write the entire piece in Greek. Second, the music isn’t even published; therefore, we were the first to ever perform the piece on stage. Here is yet another of my artistic achievements that I am so profoundly proud of. We have performed at Carnegie Hall several times, Lincoln Center, again, Cyprus for the Patriarch, the list goes on and on and will hopefully continue in the upcoming years.

Singing has always been extremely important to me because it is one of my talents that is just so easy to share with others. At any given moment you can just casually break into your favorite song and it lightens your spirit and everyone’s around you. Being in the Archdiocese Choir has helped me develop my love for this magical talent I have. I would like to end this blog post by saying thank you to my director, Ms. Maria Koleva, for all the years and dedication she has given to the choir because without her, we honestly wouldn’t have been able to come this far.