Video games are some of the most popular forms of entertainment today and not to mention one of the most complicated and time consuming to make. They’re entire worlds where you can be anything you dream of and experience different people, cultures, and ideas that you might never encounter in the real world. I have found myself playing a bit more nowadays (not something I’m completely proud of as it is a major distraction) and the feeling of getting lost in an alternate, fantastical world is addicting. Being able to take part in various adventures that you can’t necessarily do in real life is thrilling. In order for these alternate and mythical worlds to exist, a very important  practice is undertaken: art. Looking at the content and format of video games, they contain several aspects of art that are basically make up the entire game. These aspects are the main reasons why players gravitate towards these games.

The biggest aspect of art in video games is drawing and sketching because every game starts out with concept art. These drawings are the foundation of every game. As the name is self explanatory, these drawings are drafts of what the in-game world will look like. Thanks to modern technological advances, not only is the digital finished product identical to the drafts, they are full of so much more iconic detail than the original pencil drawings. Another aspect of art that is critical to the overall game play experience is the soundtrack. Music is the ultimate art because it allows us to clearly understand what emotion we are supposed to feel at that specific time. The same concept applies to video games. With an upbeat or calm score in the background, we know that the area is safe and free of enemies. With a more dramatic score, we could be in the midst of battle. With a more eerie score, we could be exploring a dangerous area. With each score, we know when to keep our guard up for surrounding enemies or when we can sit back and enjoy the scenery. The character movements within the games aren’t always coding like most people would think. Most times, companies bring in actors to produce voice overs and record movements via motion capture; Hence the third aspect of theatre.

Video games, in my opinion, should be seen through a different lens because it is a piece of art, in its own way, that allows you to interact with it it.