As the time for college draws nearer and nearer, the pressure to create a portfolio of pieces worth showing admission officers is rapidly increasing. The pressure of trying to create something that defines yourself yet is upheld to unknown standards results in a frenzy of confusion and stress. I am not a traditional artist; Meaning that art is not my main way of expression. Come to think of it, expressing myself at all is quite difficult. But if I am going to get into my dream school, I need to learn how to get around that considering that my dream school requires 9 to 12 portfolio pieces.

I still have so much time to develop my final portfolio for admissions, but I always like to get a head start on things. So, I went through some of my previous works, looking for finished pieces, ideas for new projects, projects to recreate, and also do a little spring cleaning in the process. I surprised myself when I had around seven really good pieces. The rest, I want them to be completely out of the ordinary, something original; Wanting something original is by far one of the hardest things to do. Nothing is original anymore; Everything is based of something else. I guess that means that creativity is an enormous illusion. That’s why I don’t understand the world. Everyone wants you to be this extraordinary person that is completely new and unlike anything they’ve ever seen. How can that be possible if we all create a basis for ourselves a basis from something that wasn’t our own? I guess that if you do enough research on your audience you can come up with a reference that they’ve never heard of but I doubt that’ll be easy.

Come to think of it, portfolio pieces are supposed to show your audience your skill and describe who you are so finding something new shouldn’t be a problem. The most important thing is to put a piece of yourself into your art, this way your audience can see you and not some recreation of a past icon in the art world. Originality shouldn’t be what you strive for in your work, it won’t get you very far. Instead, try to make your work a reflection of yourself, this way your audience sees that you’re able to accept yourself. This will get you so much more than creating something that no one has ever seen before.