He traveled up the mount, trying to touch the sky. It was his dream to feel the soft, fluffy clouds and hold a shining star in his hands.

He told his mother, he told his father, he told his sister, he told his brother. The whole village and his family thought he was mad.

They turned away and shunned him for thinking of such foolery. But he was determined to prove them wrong. So he left the village with nothing but some bread and cheese for his journey.

He climbed for three days and three nights. He was almost at the top when he stepped on a loose rock and fell all the way down to the bottom.

With no bread and no cheese left, he struggled to reach the top. He swore and yelled and cried as he continued to climb. He almost gave up when he realized, he had reached the top.

He looked up to the sky and put out his hand. He was frightened when a beautiful lady, completely made of stars, grabbed it. “Would you like to come live with me here in the sky,” she asked? “Yes please. Very much.” So she pulled him up and he too turned into stars. They ruled the skies together for the rest of time.

The End