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Flower Crown

Flower Crown

Reviving An Unfulfilled Enchantment (Pt. 3)

Constantly, with any type of art, views and ideas are constantly evolving. My simple idea took a wild turn that became much more intricate; The case went from a sense of confinement to a sense of freedom and the crown… Continue Reading →

Reviving An Unfulfilled Enchantment (Pt. 2)

With the main aesthetic of my project done, I showed it to my teacher for an opinion. He was instantly bored with the sameness and simplicity of the crown. “It doesn’t really look like a crown,” he said. “In order… Continue Reading →

Reviving An Unfulfilled Enchantment (Pt. 1)

Hours of twisting, taping, and gluing crepe paper and wire have once again started since I unboxed the idea of my flower crown that was left in the garage to gather dust for almost a year. The thought of restarting… Continue Reading →

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