Photography is a small hobby I like to partake in from time to time. The enjoyment of capturing a relic that can withstand time feels empowering. I do love street photography more than other types, although I do take head shots from time to time. I love street photography because it’s a type of candid photography that captures ethnicities and personalities of neighborhoods which shape and are shaped by the people who live in them. However, I feel discouraged from time to time because there are so many wonderful photographers who take gorgeous pictures and then … there’s me who can barely hold the camera straight. They all take these photos that seem impossible to be real. Perhaps it’s the Photoshop and layers of filters. I have much respect for myself for not using editing software. It’s true, sometimes they do make photos look cleaner and nicer, but I feel that by editing you’re taking so much away from the original photo. And so I go on, taking photos of anything I find interesting, even if they’re not to “modern standards”.

I was recently on a STAC trip to MoMA when I happened upon a photography exhibit. The photos were simple, plain, and elegant. These were the works of Stephen Shore, my new favorite photographer. When I first encountered his work that day, I was looking through his works, commenting, I would take something like that. The more the phrase kept being repeated in my head the clearer it became; I finally found a photographer who sees the world as I do. With each displayed photo I analyzed and closed in on what Stephen found interesting about what he saw.

Another work of his that I found completely intriguing was a series of photos taken every half hour over a 24 hour period. My first thoughts were, Wow. That’s dedication. I very much like this idea of a continuous narrative because it gives structure to the art, it condenses it into a narrow but wide range of possibilities. Seeing this piece excites me to do something similar. Whether it’s a narrative told over a period of time or a structured idea that’s been molded into a flexible sturdiness, completing a collection such as this would lead me to bigger and better things regarding my photography.

Stephen Shore is still but a name to me. I plan to do more research on him and his works as I evolve from my amateur state.