Constantly, with any type of art, views and ideas are constantly evolving. My simple idea took a wild turn that became much more intricate; The case went from a sense of confinement to a sense of freedom and the crown went from a simple ring of flowers to a more perplexing shape and design. Designing my case was the final component to my project. I wanted an Emerald Green colored spray paint to give it a more woodsy feel. I asked my teacher to supply me with the spray paint; Instead, he proposed a much more fascinating alternative: to make the case look like copper patina. He sent me off to research pictures and gather ideas of how the case should look. The colors were riveting to me and the different tones of green, turquoise, and bronze would compliment the greens, browns, and bright flowers quite nicely.

I started coating the polished silver frame with a bronze paint. It didn’t stick as well as I liked, but the hint of silver shining through gave a sparkle to it. After that dried, I began dabbing bits of turquoise. I was completely engrossed by my work when all of the sudden, my teacher stopped me. “Lose the brush. Using your hands will give it a more naturally smooth look.” So there I went, smothering my hand in different shades of turquoise, brightening up the drab brown. Within those three hours, the entire case was painted. I was very pleased with the way it looked and the time it took to paint it. Forward Ho!

My biggest challenge, throughout the entire three weeks, was working with fishing wire. It was clear which made it hard to see and made of nylon which made it extremely slippery. UGH! It was such a struggle. But I did it! The wire was tied ad glued to the bottom of the crown and then stretched out to the eight corners of the case. Several methods of attaching wire to the corners were tried; Only one sustained. Attaching jewelry barrels to each corner and passing the wire through their hoops. Now how to attach the barrels… Hot glue? Didn’t work. That’s when my teacher told me about a magical creation: Epoxy. The thing is incredible. I attached the barrels to the case and the wire to the barrels. Just like that, the crown was floating, just like magic.

And lastly, I hot glued the faux moss to the floor of the case. Once the moss was down, it really came to life. The view felt just the tiniest bit empty; I added another few charms to the case. My Unfulfilled Enchantment was brought to life after too much time just thinking about it. My project still remains unnamed but that will change promptly.