With the main aesthetic of my project done, I showed it to my teacher for an opinion. He was instantly bored with the sameness and simplicity of the crown. “It doesn’t really look like a crown,” he said. “In order for it to look more like a crown, it needs that spikiness.” We began playing with a thicker aluminum wire I had to create a more traditional crown shape. As I shaped the wire, he disappeared into the other room and emerged with a bag of plastic and tinsel leaves and flowers. My eyes widened as my head filled with ideas.

I instantly began cutting leaves and placing them around the wire, trying to see what worked and what didn’t. Hidden among the leaves, I found a large white flower. This, I decided then and there, would be the center front of my crown. More and more ideas flew through my head as I worked. I set the leaves in their final arrangement, and for some reason, I couldn’t stop thinking about the loops up top made by the aluminum. They looked like gem holes. Cut gems to me looked too unnatural, tampered with by Man. I then remembered that over the years, I had collected little charms and beads. Of course these were probably more unnatural looking than cut gems. I came up with the story that these little beads happened to be lost by humans and found by fairies, who presented them as gifts to the Guardian of the Woods and she had them added to her crown. I guess you could say that it symbolizes the joining of the two world who are completely unaware of each other. I glued them on, carefully positioning each charm. Also in the bag of leaves, were these silver berry bunches; I affixed them to the back of the crown. I stepped back to look at my work. To my disappointment, the crown looked more like a hat. Once again, a bit discouraged that I couldn’t find a solution on my own, I asked my teacher for help. “The reason it doesn’t look like a crown is because it doesn’t have the spikiness of one. You made all the leaves leveled. Also, it’s because you have this flat ring of flowers on the bottom here.” First, he lightly crushed the crown, bunching the flowers together. Afterwards, I started to snip away at the leaves, leaving space between each one up top.

By the end of the second week of the project the crown was much bigger than I anticipated but much more unique and elegant than the simple ring I originally started with. I am very much enjoying this new unexpected plan I have for my project.