Hours of twisting, taping, and gluing crepe paper and wire have once again started since I unboxed the idea of my flower crown that was left in the garage to gather dust for almost a year. The thought of restarting this project has crossed my mind endless times, but the constant demand of school work kept pulling me away. I guess I could say that I didn’t try hard enough to pursue the urge to restart it, which I often tell myself. Thankfully, with the help of STAC, I was assigned an independent project, and decided to take this three week opportunity to finally take this project off the shelf and give it life.

My idea is fairly simple: create a flower crown where the flowers are made of crepe paper, tie clear strings to it to make it seem as if it’s floating within a display case, paint the outer frame of the case green, add extra flowers in the corners, and cover the bottom of the case with faux moss. This idea came from my love of fantasy. I wanted to create something that looked as if it belonged to a ruler of an enchanted forest, a protector of a woodland realm. Being from nature, it would be more simplistic due to how those who strictly live off the earth tend to live a more simplistic life, free of insignificant baubles and trinkets. After getting my teacher’s approval to begin the project, he suggested I speak to our other art teacher who does similar assemblages. Intrigued, and largely confused, by my project, he gave me the phenomenal  idea to completely remove the glass from my case and just leave the frames to give the project a sense of openness and freedom that can only be found in nature. By taking out the glass, I could also incorporate vines growing around the case frame.

And so the first day of independent projects commenced. For all of STAC’s three hours, I made crepe paper flowers for the first week. When put in words, it sounds strictly mediocre; I assure you, the process of making each flower is very time consuming and labor intensive. When there were enough flowers, I began wrapping the ends of the floral wire together. A pattern of colors formed into the crown I envisioned. The first step of my woodland wonderland was finally completed.