The annual Greek Independence Day Parade that marches down 5th avenue is the biggest show of Greek pride in the tristate area. Greeks, non-Greeks, Parishes, Parish leaders, cultural clubs, and cultural federations come from all around to spectate and participate in this show of Greek pride.  And for anyone that knows me, they can tell you how proud I am of my culture. And for that, the Greek Parade is one of my favorite days of the year, even if I end up getting sick from the immense cold of New York City; it’s totally worth it.

Most people probably can’t see how or why this is related to art. Well, to be honest, I can’t quite see it either. But the idea of culture, tradition, and how it relates to art is most definitely there. Well actually, I believe that culture is an art form in itself. It is a tricky theory for me too, I know. Anyways, I see culture as an art form because people express themselves through their culture the same way they express themselves through art. Every emotion and stirring can be represented with some form of art or some cultural tradition. Every culture is different and so is every art form. I find these are such amazing notions to ponder upon, especially because they  allow people to identify and express themselves in a way that they really can’t in other ways. Having a culture and traditions allows a person to follow an order, a lifestyle. Art allows you to do the same thing. Both give you rules to follow that can be bent 360 degrees but never broken.

This is one of my favorite topics to reflect upon because there are so many similarities between culture and art. Unfortunately, the theory makes more sense in my head than in the form of words. I regret that I cannot make this post longer and express my fascination for this subject matter.