Music is said to be the ultimate art. However, what is not said is which genre of music. I think that a confirmation would be extremely helpful considering that there are so many different genres. To make this a little easier, I’ll start by stating my opinion. I think that folk music is the ultimate genre of music. As time goes on, changes are made to modern music and folk music is slowly starting to become obsolete in the eyes of the general younger population. Most of my generation doesn’t listen to folk music; They either think it’s boring or have no idea what it is. I, on the other hand, completely disagree and think that it is so sad that my generation have never experienced a true story through song.

Folk music is so incredibly rich because it is full of history and stories that are most usually created by witnesses that experienced famous historical events, such as wars, first hand. By listening to the lyrics, you can hear and understand the terrible struggles and fear they had to face while not knowing which moment would be their last. Being Greek, a majority of the music played in my house is folk music. I think that listening to folk music gives you a better understanding of not only the world but your ancestry. The thing with folk music is that with each generation it is passed down to, it changes.

Every culture has its own folk music and the differences between them are fascinating to discover. For example, bagpipes are most popular in Irish folk music however, bagpipes are not exclusive to Irish folk music. Greek folk music also has its own bagpipes. I love bagpipes and find their sound incredibly soothing. Listening to both cultures’ music, the distinct difference of the sound, from the same instrument, is astounding. It’s basically like the difference between an acoustic and an electric guitar. They’re both guitars but also very different when it comes to sound and materials that make the instrument.

Folk music is considered the ultimate music because many times, it doesn’t require instruments unlike most modern music. The significance of each song was to record history, share stories, and send secret messages; Therefore, lyrics were more important than a catchy tune. With these songs, cultures could pass on their history and experiences through their children and this way, their history would be much harder to get lost or destroyed.