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The Boy Who Loved The Sky

He traveled up the mount, trying to touch the sky. It was his dream to feel the soft, fluffy clouds and hold a shining star in his hands. He told his mother, he told his father, he told his sister,… Continue Reading →

I Can’t Go A Day Without Listening To Music

I can’t go a day¬†without listening to music Music is my escape Music is my freedom Music is my drug I can’t go a day without listening to music Without music, life would be a mistake Lose yourself in music… Continue Reading →


She’s a marionette, a puppet, attached to¬†several strings. She is controlled, by the puppet master himself. “Master,” she says, “cut the strings and let me be; Cut the strings and set me free.” “No,” he says and shakes his head… Continue Reading →

Just Down, Into The Dark

I was on top of the world until I decided to bring him up with me. When I wasn’t looking, he pushed me over the edge without a twinge of guilt; without a twinge of regret I looked up and… Continue Reading →

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