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Giant Medusa Head

Street Photography Workshop

Happy Documentary

The White House

This past Friday, my choir and I traveled 256 miles over four and a half hours to Washington D.C. to perform at the White House. For the past couple of years, we have been invited to perform there for their annual… Continue Reading →

The Wild New York City (feat. STACies)

I Can’t Go A Day Without Listening To Music

I can’t go a day without listening to music Music is my escape Music is my freedom Music is my drug I can’t go a day without listening to music Without music, life would be a mistake Lose yourself in music… Continue Reading →


She’s a marionette, a puppet, attached to several strings. She is controlled, by the puppet master himself. “Master,” she says, “cut the strings and let me be; Cut the strings and set me free.” “No,” he says and shakes his head… Continue Reading →

Summer 2016

For STAC, we were given the task of creating a Readymag about virtually anything we want. It’s purpose is to “test your creativity, decision making ability, and the amount of energy (passion) you can throw at a project.” My Readymag… Continue Reading →

Cyprus Concert with Michalis Hatziyiannis

Portraits and Heros

In STAC, we did a photography workshop with photographer, Emil Cohen. Portraits and Heros Readymag

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