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Reviving An Unfulfilled Enchantment (Pt. 1)

Hours of twisting, taping, and gluing crepe paper and wire have once again started since I unboxed the idea of my flower crown that was left in the garage to gather dust for almost a year. The thought of restarting… Continue Reading →

the War of Art

Procrastination, boredom, laziness, they’re all Resistance. Every single one. Anything that stops you from doing¬†pretty much anything is Resistance. It’s a hard opponent. It’s basically in everything around us. Every notification, every distraction, every little thing that draws your focus… Continue Reading →

Greek Independence Day Parade

The annual Greek Independence Day Parade that marches down 5th avenue is the biggest show of Greek pride in the tristate area. Greeks, non-Greeks, Parishes, Parish leaders, cultural clubs, and cultural federations come from all around to spectate and participate… Continue Reading →

The White House

This past Friday, my choir and I¬†traveled 256 miles over four and a half hours to Washington D.C. to perform at the White House. For the past couple of years, we have been invited to perform there for their annual… Continue Reading →

Theater For A New Audience: The Skin Of Our Teeth

On the latest STACie adventure to the Big Apple, their journey led them to the Theater For A New Audience where they got to see quite a show. The Skin of Our Teeth. It was a spectacular tragic comedy about… Continue Reading →


This past weekend, an event unlike any other took place at Queens College. Parathosi is a celebration of Hellenic heritage and dance where groups from Greek Orthodox churches and culture centers in the surrounding Tri-state area enter to compete in… Continue Reading →

Styliani Rallis Vs. Harley Quinn

Everyone knows Harley Quinn as the Joker’s psychotic girlfriend who loves to help him spread mayhem across Gotham City. I myself am a huge fan of the quirky character. The backstory, the costume, and the fact that everyone underestimates her… Continue Reading →

A Knack For Failure

Everywhere I go, I have people telling me that I am so talented at a number of things. I’ve been bragged about, envied, and looked up too because I make no mistakes. “You’re perfect!” they say. That’s where they’re wrong…. Continue Reading →

What is STAC?

Anywhere you look on my website, you can find a post, a trip, an assignment, almost all relating to STAC. Heck, this blog and website themselves are a result of STAC. Almost everything I do and the new way I… Continue Reading →

What Is Art?

There is a common question that runs through everyone’s mind at least once in their lifetime. What is art? An average person would say that art is drawing or painting. But any artist knows the true answer: Art is anything… Continue Reading →

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