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Top 5 Easy Ways To Appear Like A Successful Artist

No one wants to be a starving artist, especially when everyone they know told them they would never make it, or it’s too competitive, or they won’t make any money. If you’ve made it to the top and are making… Continue Reading →

Stephen Shore

Photography is a small hobby I like to partake in from time to time. The enjoyment of capturing a relic that can withstand time feels empowering. I do love street photography more than other types, although I do take head… Continue Reading →

Folk Music

Music is said to be the ultimate art. However, what is not said is which genre of music. I think that a confirmation would be extremely helpful considering that there are so many different genres. To make this a little… Continue Reading →

The Underrated Art: Video Games

Video games are some of the most popular forms of entertainment today and not to mention one of the most complicated and time consuming to make. They’re entire worlds where you can be anything you dream of and experience different… Continue Reading →

The Preface Of A Portfolio

As the time for college draws nearer and nearer, the pressure to create a portfolio of pieces worth showing admission officers is rapidly increasing. The pressure of trying to create something that defines yourself yet is upheld to unknown standards… Continue Reading →

Art vs. Design

Art and design are two practices that are often confused with each other. Both are composed of visual aspects that allow audiences to gain something. Art, allows you to create something with the intent to have an audience question it… Continue Reading →

Web Design

There’s more thought that goes into a website than people actually think. Of course the coding is very important but before that, you need to decide on what you need to code. That’s where web design comes in. Picking layouts,… Continue Reading →

Almost, Maine

For the past three months, Herricks High School has been rehearsing for their fall play, Almost, Maine. Countless hours have been spent going over lines, building the set, creating costumes, and perfecting every possible detail to make the high school auditorium… Continue Reading →

Nicolas Bruno

Based out of Northport NY, Nicolas Bruno is an incredible photographer and artist who suffers from a rare condition called sleep paralysis. While in his dream state, he is completely paralyzed and has vivid hallucinations. From these hallucinations, he creates… Continue Reading →

Reviving An Unfulfilled Enchantment (Pt. 3)

Constantly, with any type of art, views and ideas are constantly evolving. My simple idea took a wild turn that became much more intricate; The case went from a sense of confinement to a sense of freedom and the crown… Continue Reading →

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