An assignment was given to us a while ago instructing us to read a biography about an artist that inspires us. One of my most favorite artist, who I am completely obsessed with, is the legendary Tim Burton. I have always admired his work because, not only is it just amazing, but it is one of a kind and unique and no other movie producer does anything like him. His style is so distinct, it even has its own term: Burtonesque. The word is used to describe anything dark, mystical, and wondrous with a touch of surrealistic humor.
His work process and emotions behind all his projects is astonishing to me because he easily does what I try so vigorously to do. What Tim Burton does is pour each and every emotion he has into his work and nothing less. Without this, he cannot do any project. I envy this about him because whenever I do a project, the more emotion I put into it, the worse it gets, especially if I originally was having trouble on it. Something I found interesting though was that while Burton was in school, he completely ignored project guidelines and just decided to do his own thing. For example, he had to write a report on Harry Houdini. Instead of actually writing a report, he made a short film, recreating some of his tricks. I love how he used his strengths to his advantage without even thinking about how his decision disregarded the restrictions of the assignment.
Another thing I find truly inspiring about Tim Burton are his illustrations and how proud he is of them. When he was little and even when he worked at Disney as an animator, everyone told him that he couldn’t draw. In college, he decided to take classes, which he hated with a burning passion. He felt the class and the teacher were telling him that the way he was drawing was wrong. What inspires me is that Burton knows his drawings aren’t the greatest. But you know what? He couldn’t care less. “Even if someone was telling me I couldn’t draw, I still liked doing it… it has always been an important part of my life.” This is why I love Tim Burton so much. He doesn’t care enough about people’s harsh criticism. If he wants something done, it must be done his way or no way at all. This is also why he isn’t a director for hire. This is another weakness of mine. I care too much about what others will think of my work so I end up creating something that will please an audience and keep what I actually want to do locked away in a notebook full of ideas that will never see the light.
I’ve never been big on having role models in life because I know that no matter how hard I try, I can never be like them or even come close to being as good as they are. However, reading about Tim Burton somehow changed that. Maybe it’s because he came from the same place I did; quiet suburbs, tough time in school, not fitting in. My goal after reading his biography is to find some inspiration and drive to follow his mottoes, life philosophy, and positive yet carefree type of attitude because I want to feel confident and happy about my work in a way I think is just magical and see how wonderful the world is through his eyes. His Big Eyes.