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Top 5 Easy Ways To Appear Like A Successful Artist

No one wants to be a starving artist, especially when everyone they know told them they would never make it, or it’s too competitive, or they won’t make any money. If you’ve made it to the top and are making… Continue Reading →

Self Portrait Cubes

I was assembling my college portfolio and I wanted to include an interesting self portrait. I was, by no means, good at drawing and my deadline was fast approaching. I created this to show my progression over the two weeks… Continue Reading →

Little Lady Designs

I was assigned to come up with a fake company and create a logo, letterhead, business card, and envelope for that company.

Flower Crown

Falling Collage


Physics Review to Children’s Book

We received an assignment to take an icky review book and somehow turn it into a work of art. I took problems from this physics review book and turned them into characters, places, etc.. They eventually developed into a cohesive… Continue Reading →

Butterfly Installation

This idea came to me because for a while, I had wanted to do an environmental project that would use plastic bags and so, I chose to make butterflies! Thirty-two giant plastic butterflies made from water bottles and plastic bags…. Continue Reading →

GOYA Boston Trip

Stephen Shore

Photography is a small hobby I like to partake in from time to time. The enjoyment of capturing a relic that can withstand time feels empowering. I do love street photography more than other types, although I do take head… Continue Reading →

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