Art and design are two practices that are often confused with each other. Both are composed of visual aspects that allow audiences to gain something. Art, allows you to create something with the intent to have an audience question it or the world; It basically forces you tho think. Design, on the other hand, is when you usually have a client who asks you to provide information visually, in an interesting way so people can remember it. There are times when these two practices intertwine but they are not the same at all.

I hope to study Graphic Design to eventual land a career creating websites. I find myself intrigued when I have to layout various types of content and picking and choosing what audiences will enjoy, find interesting, be drawn to, and be moved by. It’s surprising to me that only last year I discovered my knack for it. I was assigned to create a personal website along with a presentation about myself and how I see the world. After I presented, my teacher approached me and asked had I ever done anything similar before. I responded with, “No not really. I’ve had a few small sites on my own when I was younger.” With that, my discipline in STAC had switched from musical theatre to web design.

Design needs a strong base in basic visual arts, such as sketching, in order to be built upon. Sketching is a tremendous weakness of mine. I can’t draw to save my life. However, since I chose design to be my field of study, I better get to practicing. It’s difficult for me to leave my comfort zone. I prefer doing things I’m good at in order to prevent fear and failure. I’ve been working to ignore these feelings to just be able to dive right into new projects but I can’t shake off the constant anxiety that consumes me. But isn’t that really the whole point of art and design? To not be afraid and just be able to dive into a project whether you’re excited about it or not. Well if that’s the case, I guess I can’t say that I am either an artist or a designer. I’m just stuck in between trying to figure out if it’s all really worth it. That can also be another difference. Art isn’t always clear. The art itself is sometimes empty so to allow the audience to interpret it for itself while design only has a single purpose, to inform. Perhaps I should design something that’ll inform everyone around me that I have no idea what the hell I’m doing and I’m too fricken scared to try and figure it out.