For the past three months, Herricks High School has been rehearsing for their fall play, Almost, Maine. Countless hours have been spent going over lines, building the set, creating costumes, and perfecting every possible detail to make the high school auditorium feel as if the show was really taking place in Maine. In no time at all, the three nights of the show were upon us. They were wonderful and the audience loved every minute of it.

I’ve been doing theatre for three years now, but this show was different; instead of being a cast member in the show, I was assistant director. I must say, I liked having this position more than being in cast, even if it was a bit stressful and aggravating at times. I found that I enjoy having responsibility; it gives me a sense of completion, like I’m being productive with my life. It’s also the fact that I like the feeling of accomplishment, of finishing a task. During these three months, I was everywhere, with everyone, all at the same time. I would run lines, block, help the director block, cast students for parts, make various lists for things that needed to get done, and everything else the director needed in order to get the show up and running in time.

The nights of the show, believe it or not, were actually less stressful than the months of practice. Throughout the nights, I would make sure each cast member was backstage one scene before theirs, they were all in their correct and complete costumes, and that they stayed quiet as to not separate the audience from the magic happening on stage. I think that was the greatest challenge of those three nights; getting thirteen high school students to whisper for two hours.

We got excellent feedback from both the audience and the music department. In the spring, the school also puts on a musical. Almost, Maine was so successful, that the music department had asked all of us if we would all come back for that show as well. I look forward to doing another show, taking on new responsibilities, and working with a great cast.